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Kevin, Business Analyst, Posted May 23, 2018
Joined in December 2017

I always appreciate Writers hub as you have made me discover my potential and make a living from it.Thanks, guys!

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Jane, Artist, Posted January 24, 2018
Joined in November 2017

I'd like to thank my manager Brooke for all the help she provided. It's great to work with such a professional, especially when you are new to the website and have no previous writing experience.

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Kim, Technical Writer, Posted January 20, 2018
Joined in October 2017

I don't like handling all administrative issues and their representatives provide great personal support and mentoring of your performance. QAD always gives you feedback trying to improve your skills and help you to upload quality products. My job is only to write. Moreover, there is a huge variety of projects on the site.

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Simon, SEO Specialist, Posted December 11, 2017
Joined in June 2016

I enjoy the entire working progress with this company. The Support Team is very helpful and taking care of all the issues you may have. They assist you in timely fashion as they work 24/7. And they always have orders even in low season! What is more important - you always get paid in time. For me, as for a freelancer, it's very important.

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Ivy, Photographer, Posted November 24, 2017
Joined in September 2016

Continuous assistance, friendly attitude and a number of challenging projects. I get order suggestions every day, it is cool to receive such support from team members, it motivates me to work harder.

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Brendanus, Librarian, Posted September 16, 2017
Joined in June 2017

I enjoyed the opportunity to work with the company. Friendly, good atmosphere. Through our cooperation, I have got the feeling I joined a community of practice and learning.

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Ahahit, MathematicianPosted October 13, 2016
Joined in September 2015

It’s great that I can count on your support team around the clock. I ask for help – and I get it immediately whether it’s an instructions clarification or a technical issue.

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Sam, Web DesignerPosted September 4, 2015
Joined in July 2015

I am a professional writer, and I know what I am talking about when I say that this company is one of the most trustworthy on the market.

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Angelina, PhilologistPosted August 21, 2015
Joined in June 2015

When I registered on WritersHub, professional writing was new to me. I had no previous experience, and frankly, there was a lot to improve. Your QA specialist Rachel made me a writer I am today – skillful, confident and capable of following the trickiest instructions of the customers. I hope you have some kind of bonus for QAs who help newbies like I was. And if you don’t, think about creating one, your specialists deserve it for their excellent work

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Nelson, Pharmacist Posted June 3, 2015
Joined in May 2015

As a freelancer I need to know exactly what I’m required to do and how much time I have to complete the task. Your team is always here for explanations and providing all the details regarding an order. Getting my questions answered on time, I upload my papers within the deadline, satisfying the customer’s demands.