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Ahahit, MathematicianPosted October 13, 2015
Joined in September 2015

It’s great that I can count on your support team around the clock. I ask for help – and I get it immediately whether it’s an instructions clarification or a technical issue.

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Sam, Web DesignerPosted September 4, 2015
Joined in July 2015

I am a professional writer, and I know what I am talking about when I say that this company is one of the most trustworthy on the market.

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Angelina, PhilologistPosted August 21, 2015
Joined in June 2015

When I registered on WritersHub, professional writing was new to me. I had no previous experience, and frankly, there was a lot to improve. Your QA specialist Rachel made me a writer I am today – skillful, confident and capable of following the trickiest instructions of the customers. I hope you have some kind of bonus for QAs who help newbies like I was. And if you don’t, think about creating one, your specialists deserve it for their excellent work

Thumb nelson
Nelson, Pharmacist Posted June 3, 2015
Joined in May 2015

As a freelancer I need to know exactly what I’m required to do and how much time I have to complete the task. Your team is always here for explanations and providing all the details regarding an order. Getting my questions answered on time, I upload my papers within the deadline, satisfying the customer’s demands.

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Shawn, ChemistPosted May 8, 2015
Joined in March 2015

I’m always paid in full and on time. No hidden charges or unjustified fines. This shows that you care about your writers and respect their work. Thanks!

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Kaylie, Communication & Media SpecialistPosted January 17, 2015
Joined in October 2014

Thank you for your professionalism. Your HR Dept. always gives me a detailed and concise report on my monthly performance so that I know what should be improved. Now I’m a Senior writer, and I really enjoy all the benefits you offer for the hard work

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Tabitha, PhilologistPosted November 15, 2014
Joined in July 2014

What I love the most about being a writer in your company is the ability to improve my skills all the time. At first, I could write only Literature and English projects, but now I am able to master all kinds of papers in Humanities – be it Politics, Sociology, Psychology or Philosophy. I always use your library to know more about different fields of science and hope to widen my knowledge even more in the future.

Thumb brooke
Brooke, Marketing AnalystPosted October 10, 2014
Joined in August 2014

I like working with you, guys. You provide constant support and help me to get all the details to receive the highest marks from the customers. Based on my own experience you are the only writing company treating writers with respect. I am a seasonal writer since I have a full-time job, but I’m glad to come back to you every high season and help out with numerous projects. Keep up good work!

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Kenny, EnvironmentalistPosted September 5, 2014
Joined in April 2014

Previously, I’ve worked with other freelance companies but once I registered at your website, I don’t need to go anywhere else for additional assignments. Due to the constant flow of orders on WritersHub.org I’m always busy, even during low seasons.

Thumb subhan
Subhan, Statistical WriterPosted May 2, 2014
Joined in December 2013

You’re always up to date with your system improvements and more and more features every month that make the working process smooth and convenient for freelancers. I like that you take our suggestions into account. I suggested you allowed us to download order attachments in archive, and not one by one as it used to be, - and you implemented this feature into your system. It’s just great to know your ideas are taken into consideration.