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If you have any issues, please first check the FAQ and most of your questions should be answered. If not, just contact us via phone, email, chat, or Skype.

General Questions About WritersHub.org

We are a rapidly growing writing company that matches clients' needs with professional writers. Both our clients and our writers come from all over the world.

Our mission is to provide the highest quality writing services in this industry, helping our clients get the work they need and our writers make an excellent living.

We have benefits that other writing companies do not offer:

  • We pay our writers extremely well
  • Our administrative staff handles all of the details – our writers only write
  • Writers choose their own jobs from provided lists – as few or as many as they can handle
  • Huge variety of jobs and projects from which to choose
  • Payments are bi-weekly
  • Work from anywhere
  • Great personal support and mentoring
  • Career advancement opportunities
Absolutely. You determine how much writing you can do for us – part-time or full-time.

The Registration/Membership Process

We have a simple registration form that asks for basic personal information and for the selection of areas in which you wish to write. You will then take two short tests. One is a multiple-choice test to demonstrate English proficiency. The other will be a short writing task or a project related to the area(s) of writing you have selected.
Usually 3-7 days, depending on our current work load.
Certainly. Just contact one of our administrative staff members via chat, email, or Skype.

If you have failed the first part of the registration tests (multiple choice questions), you have another attempt to do this. However, if your application has been declined due to poor quality Essay/Proficiency Test, you cannot re-apply for the position in our company. 

Process of Work Completion

We expect that all of our writers will perform in the following manner:

• Adhere to all of a client’s instructions

• Meet the provided deadline

• Present high quality, plagiarism-free writing

• Communicate directly with the client as necessary to complete the job

You will see a huge variety of writing and project jobs on the site. You will select projects based on the categories that you have shown you know. Projects will vary by length, research requirements, genre of writing, deadline urgency, etc. You will have plenty of work, no matter your specialty.
We ask all of our new writers to review our policies and procedures carefully. Once you have done that and feel that you understand everything, you may pick your first project. If you do not understand any of the processes, please contact our support desk.


This, of course, is completely up to you. You can take as few or as many projects as you wish. The amount of work you complete determines your income.
We would not have a business without our great writers, and we want an open, honest and completely ethical relationship with them. We would never attempt to cheat our writers – they are too valuable to us!
We pay bi-weekly.
There is an option to choose from several payment methods on our website. Once you are a registered writer, contact our Support Department and clarify what platform is the most suitable for your country.

Personal Information/Security

We need your full name, you contact information (email, phone, and Skype name). There may be times when we have to contact you. Occasionally, a WritersHub.org staff member may request a government-issued ID from a writer, in order to verify your account information.
We have security systems and firewalls in place to protect both client and writer information. These are reviewed and upgraded regularly, and we have never had a breach.