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If you have any queries concerning WritersHub.org, please first check the FAQ and most of them will be answered. If not, just contact us via email or ‘Contact us’ form.

General Questions About WritersHub.org

We are a rapidly growing platform for freelancers that provides a variety of projects and 24/7 support from our representatives.

Our mission is to become the first-ranked content creating service providers in the niche, giving our freelancers the best opportunity to work and develop their skills and competencies at the same time. 

We offer the following benefits for our team members:

  • The constant flow of projects 
  • Competitive and negotiable salary
  • Clear payment system
  • Hands-on support from our representatives (Support/QA/Billing/HR departments)
  • Ability to regulate one’s workload and schedule
  • Career advancement opportunities
  • Project-related and monthly bonuses depending on performance results

Absolutely. Our content creators are freelancers who manage their working pace, workload, and time invested upon their own liking. 

The Registration/Membership Process

In the first place, you need to fill out the registration form and select the areas in which you are interested to work. After indicating the necessary information, you will take some basic tests to showcase your English proficiency and complete a writing assignment. 

We do not charge any registration or account maintenance fees, so it is free of charge to sign up on our website. 

When we are actively hiring, the process takes up to 1-3 business days. You will receive an email with all the details after registration. 

Sure, you can re-apply for a content creator position in a 6-months period using the same personal info and email. 

Working On The Project

To start working, you will need to review our navigation guides and policies. After you’ve done that, you are welcome to browse our database and take your first project.

As a content creator, you are responsible for original and quality writing, fact-checking and research for your project, as well as meeting deadlines. The rest will be handled by our Support team. We also offer some editing help for you from our team of Quality Analysts. 

The projects in our database differ in disciplines, types of jobs, scope, and complexity. With the help of interactive filters, you will be able to select the most interesting and challenging orders personally for you.


Your salary depends on the number of projects you’ve completed. The more orders you take, the higher will be your income.

You can feel safe about your earnings in our company. We have a clear payment system and website functions to monitor your money, so you will be able to check what you are going to receive and when. Moreover, our Billing and HR managers are available for any clarifications and provide prompt responses to all employees.

We release funds on the be-monthly basis on set payroll dates. You will have full access to all the payment info on your personal profile on our website.

We offer several payment method opportunities to receive earning on our platform. Once you are a registered writer, contact our Billing Department to choose the most suitable gateway for your country of residence and you personally.

Personal Information/Security

You will need to provide the following details: full name and your contact information (email, phone, and Skype account). Occasionally, we may request an ID photo in order to verify your account information.

We have security systems and firewalls to protect our registered users' personal information. They are regularly reviewed and upgraded in order to exclude the possibility of any breach.